Aspartame Poisoning Part Two

An Article About Aspartame Poisoning

This is an article I read about a man who became deathly ill from aspartame. I wanted to share this with you because of the severity of the damage caused by aspartame.

"His eyesight had been bothering him for a number of months. He went to numerous eye doctors and they could NOT figure out the problem with his eyesight. One day while he was at the coast enjoying a much needed vacation he became so ill he couldn’t get up. If he did, he would vomit… I would liken it to full time seasickness!! He had to be driven home by a friend and his search for what was wrong with him began!! He went to the doctor who immediately sent him to a neurologist. They did an MRI on his brain and found two or three lesions on his brain. The diagnosis was MS. But he was a very rare case of MS due to the fact that he was a 46 year old male. He was scheduled for an MRI of his brain stem and spinal cord to locate other lesions that would help confirm MS the second week of December. The results that MRI showed NO lesions. We all started searching the Internet trying to find answers. The symptoms he had did fit in with the MS diagnosis but it also fit with lyme disease."

Then his sister read an article posted by Candy Mercer regarding Aspartame on the Alternative Therapy Board for horses.

"Prior to his getting sick, he was on a diet for 8 months…toward the end of the diet, he was using LOTS of sugar free jello and diet sodas. He usually didn’t use sugar free stuff but he wasn’t losing any weight so he decided to use the diet products in hopes of losing a few more pounds. (as soon as he got sick, he stopped using the sugar free products not by choice, but just because he was sick and he knew he had to keep his strength up so he QUIT his diet.)

He is still weak when walking but that is partially due to the fact that he spent 1-1/2 months in bed. He contacted Mary Stoddard Nash in Texas, who has written a book on aspartame poisoning; he ordered the book and an extra for his doctor. The doctor had never heard of the problems that aspartame can lead to."

 If you are dieting, you should be eating healthy. Aspartame is not worth the risk.


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