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A Holistic Approach To Health And Well-being For Humans And Animals That Works With The Body's Systems, Not Against Them.

Vibrant Energy Healing Center, offers a holistic approach to health and well-being. The body is a highly complex network of interrelated systems that work together as a whole. Treating one system without consideration to the others creates an unbalanced body that is at risk for illness and disease.

Alternative healing techniques do not mask pain and symptoms with toxic medications but gets to the source of the problem by providing a space for healing to occur. You can live a life that is free from pain.

Dr Debbie O’Reilly is Vibrant Energy Healing Center. She is the heart and soul of the practice. Her passion and dedication is evident in every patient she treats whether human or animal. Specializing in human and animal chiropractic, she helps all her patients live a full and vibrant life that is free from chronic pain. Chiropractic in animals as well as in humans works best as a preventative measure. Regular treatments are essential to a achieving and maintaining optimal health, but we don’t stop at chiropractic care.

Dr Debbie is a diplomat in acupuncture and she has been trained in a variety of complimentary modalities such as Neuro-Emotional Technique, Contact Reflex Analysis, Cranial Sacral, Psych-k, Body Talk, Ion Cleanse Foot Bath, The Rife Machine, Clinical Nutrition and Homeopathy and Facial Acupuncture.

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