The Rife Machine Treatment

The Rife Machine. Treats Disease And The Symptoms Of Many Ailments Including Cancer.

Developed by Dr Royal Rife, the Rife machine is a crystal generator designed to regenerate cells in the human body by producing sound waves compatible with the wellness needs of the cells. At birth the cells have a specific or "normal" frequency of wellness. But, due to mental, emotional, or physical trauma, or chemical toxins (internal and external, including synthetic cosmetics and pharmaceutical drugs), the frequency drops to the livable threshold frequency for pathogens, i.e. viral, bacterial, fungal, parasites, etc. These pathogens now feel welcome and take up residence in cells. This is the onset of sickness and disease. The rife machine has specific codes for 550 different illnesses to help compliment the body's natural healing ability and facilitate bringing the body back to "normal" frequency and a return to health and wellness. 

RIFE can destroy cancer cells! Interesting information on Resonance Frequency Therapy at  Check out the link for more information.

For more information on the Rife Machine, go to WellnessPro Plus Link and select the WellnessPro tab.

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