Thank you

  • On behalf of my horse Tucker, I wanted to thank you for helping him "loosen up". He seems like such a happier horse. He loves to run and whinny and kick up his heels and can do that better now. Thank you!

    - Suzi and Tucker
  • Hi Dr. O'Reilly. I'm Fifa's (Rat Terrior) other mother. πŸ™‚ I want you to know how grateful I am/we are, for you helping him. He is showing more pep in his step since seeing you on Friday. Your treatment and the confronting are working. Thank you for helping him/us as his moms. We adore our pets, treat them like children ❀ Kathy found her time with you so helpful, she is less anxious since Friday. We are grateful we know you... πŸΎπŸ’œ

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  • "Dear Dr. Debbie, Thank you so much for today! It was inspiring to meet you and soak up your knowledge. I've known many practitioners in the past, but I'm really looking forward to working with you."

    - Pat
  • Dr. Debbie does a great job keeping my dog healthy. We use her monthly for adjustment. Our pets health continues to be great. We appreciate what she has accomplished.

    - J Cluck, Denver, CO
  • Watching how stiff my Schipperke was in the morning, led me to find Dr. Debbie O'Reilly. I had never considered chiropractic treatments for a dog, but why not. It's always helped me. Going on 15 years old, he was in pretty good health except for some nagging seizures which the vet could never find the reason for them. About every couple of months, he would go through one. Since I work from home, I was always present for them. After six months of a monthly treatment, it occurred to

    Show More - Donna Hoffman, Lakewood, CO
  • I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for all the years of loving care you provided our dog. You were able to help him in so many ways that other vets could not. He loved to come and see you because he knew that you and I would work together to do what was best for him.

    - Terri P, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
  • Dr. Debbie has helped me conceive twice now! The first time I did a cleanse and a foot bath cycle before trying to conceive. It worked the first month! The second time we had tried for three months before I went to Dr. Debbie. The fourth month we did a foot bath cycle and some acupuncture. We conceived the next month! She has also greatly helped the severe emotions I have had with the latest pregnancy. Without her help I would probably be on medication that isn't recommended for pregnant women!

    Show More - C. Weber, Denver, Colorado
  • I'm so grateful that Dr. O'Reilly was recommended to me. She helped my dog's back (without surgery, as was the option at the vet) and has kept him running smoothly for years! I definitely recommend calling her.

    - A Mauss, Denver, CO
  • Dr. O'Reilly has treated both our active cattle dogs for back issues using accupuncture and chiropractic treatments. This holistic alternative was in lieu of doing back surgery. Dr. O'Reilly worked her magic and dogs are doing great. She is a miracle worker!

    - M. Martinek, Lakewood, CO
  • A big thank you for your expert treatments of my 2 dogs, Jake and Jerry Lee. Jake moves much better and is more relaxed. Jerry Lee is a new dog - he is more relaxed, his bark is softer, and his facial expression is no longer pinched with pain.

    - Katherine H @ Front Range Refrigeration
  • Dr Debbie is a brilliant Chiropractor, and her practice is more than just the spine. She truly desires optimal health for everyone, and knows that life is more than just physical, but emotional, spiritual, nutritional, and social as well! She helped me identify a few of my allergies to achieve optimal function in my health. Thanks Dr Debbie, you are a brilliant mentor and coach! I look forward to learning more about what you do and more about myself in the process!

    Show More - Daysha, Denver, CO
  • We bought "Miss Misty", an arab cross mare, at auction in 2006. We noticed that every time we saddled her she looked at us in a concerned way when we tightened her girth. We knew something was wrong and tried different tack to address it. One day (about 4 months later) she nipped my daughter (her owner) and as she is not a mean mare at all we had to try something else. Our trainer suggested we consider chiropractic care and recommended us to Dr. O'Reilly. When she examined Misty she commented th

    Show More - T Davis, Parker, CO
  • My best pal, a Welsh Corgi, Duffy, accidentally injured himself severely. X-rays showed a herniated disc and badly twisted pelvis. He was put on prednisone, but he was depressed and just laid around. I found Dr. Debbie through a friend. She treated him twice a week with acupuncture and gentle chiropractic. She replaced the prednisone with homeopathic pain relief that had no drug side effects. Duffy gradually improved until he was walking normally, running, going up and down stairs and is a very

    Show More - Sharon D, Castle Rock, Colorado
  • Ladybug and I want to thank YOU wholeheartedly for how we feel. For a while there we didn't think Ladybug would ever jump and play like she used to. She is in zero pain and back to her buggy self again. Then there's me. I really beginning to feel different. This really great to feel like a "normal" person... Well, you know what I mean! Thanks again and see you soon!

    Show More - L. Lounders, Littleton, CO
  • Thank God for cold laser and acupuncture! My super sore neck relaxed and is not so sore after treatment this afternoon. Swear by this stuff!! Thank you, Dr Debbie! You Roc!

    - Sarah C, Littleton, CO
  • Over the years, my senior dachshund, Tango, has had a number of health issues. Today, he's having back troubles :( This is a typical issue for this breed. Luckily, I know just want to do! All he needs is a visit to his chiropractor/ acupuncturist, Dr. O'Reilly! At one point, doctors wanted to do a $5k surgery which did not guarantee to fix the problem. I love my dog, but did not have $5k. We had a recommendation to talk with Dr. O'Reilly. That was a number of years ago. Tango now just needs a pe

    Show More - Leslie B, Foster, Denver, CO
  • There's something about a snowy evening that makes a cozy home and a cake in the oven seem all the more comforting. Feeling blessed and grateful to my chiropractor for making life a lot more bearable now than it was 4 hours ago...! Thanks Dr. Debbie

    - Meg S, Littleton, Co
  • A special 'Thank You' to Dr. Deb for her loving care of our family. I appreciate her monthly house calls, keeping our Golden Retrievers in perfect health and running happy. My monthly visits keep me running healthy with the boys!

    - Julie F, Morrison, CO
  • I have been going to Vibrant Energy Healing Center since September 2012. Dr. Debbie O'Reilly's expertise has helped me tremendously with chiropractic, acupuncture, and the variety of modalities she uses. She has a strong intuitive sense that helps me to trust the varied ways she heals on all levels. I recommend for anyone to be blessed by her care. She brings healing to animals, as well. Give yourself a treat and go see her. You'll not only feel better, but you'll be a better person out there in

    Show More - Ardyce W, Highlands Ranch, CO

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