Healing On A Cellular Level With Methylation

Methylation - Healing On A Cellular Level

Take the guess work out of your health with methylation. We will design a program that modifies how your genes are expressed which reverses disease and allows you to enjoy optimal health instead. To get started designing your health, call for an appointment today.

Chasing Symptoms Instead Of Healing The Cause

Do you ever feel like you are just chasing symptoms: high blood pressure, thyroid issues, colds, flus, headaches, allergies to foods and environmental, hormonal imbalances, etc? You take this drug, that supplement, herb, homeopathic, or whatever and may only see slight to no improvement. The frustration and expense just keep building and you lose faith in the ability to ever truly heal. Most health conditions in society today are multi-factorial in nature: Genetic, infective, and environmental. Methylation deals with the genetic component.

What Is Methylation

Methylation is a vital metabolic process that occurs in very cell and every organ in the body. There is no life without methylation. What we do is tweak methylation for optimal functioning of all body systems.

It's In The Genes

We all start out our lives with some mutations in our genes. Mutations are inherited from your parents, however, you can also acquire mutations when DNA gets damaged by environmental factors, including UV radiation, chemicals, and viruses. Methylation cycle mutations can lead to chronic infectious diseases, increased environmental toxic burdens and have effects on genetic expression.

Diseases Caused From Mutations

Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, thyroid dysfunction, neurological inflammation, chronic viral infection, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, neurotransmitter imbalances, atherosclerosis, cancer, aging, schizophrenia, digestive issues, decreased repair of tissue, migraines, improper immune function, neural tube defects, Down’s Syndrome, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s Diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, Depression/Anxiety disorders, EMF Sensitivity.

Modifying our Genetic Expression

The bottom line is that focused genetic testing, kinesiological (muscle testing) and nutrition can over time, correct imbalances, relieve symptoms, and optimize a person’s potential for good health.

A Health Program Designed Specifically For Your Genetics

We will be evaluating your individual methylation patterns through muscle testing to determine approximately where these genetic glitches are and recommending supplementation to achieve a “genetic bypass” of your particular DNA mutations. We can then use kinesiology to determine your exact nutrient needs and amounts of supplements needed to compensate for your genetic variants. Remember you have had a lifetime of not being able to absorb certain nutrients, so repair and detoxification will take a bit of time. However, progress is generally seen quickly in certain symptoms such as depression, focus, memory and fatigue. This first visit can take from 1-1.5 hours to take a history, go over your results and design a health program for you.

Based on your unique genetics and environmental exposure levels, a supplement program will be customized to address your needs which will:

  • Repair cellular damage
  • Balance nutrient deficiencies
  • Allow your body to detox
  • Encourage your immune system to function normally
  • Repair neurological damage.

The good news is that through this program it is possible to address all of these areas and rebalance these systems. However, this process takes time and patience. Success can be achieved by slowly correcting each imbalance and beginning to rebuild the body.

Follow up visits

On your follow up visit we will re-evaluate your program and make sure we are not missing any ingredients to get your body functioning normally again. These visits can run from 30-45 minutes depending on your situation and how you are tolerating your treatment protocol.

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